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Video from Can Cau

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The Saturday morning market in Can Cau is an incredible experience, and getting there is part of the fun.

You'll paß beautiful small hill tribe villages, and spectacular terraces mountains.

Arriving at the market in Can Cau for a western tourist feels like landing on another planet. The Flower H'mong outfits are fascinating, and so is the food and products on display.

Guide says: Very good for recovering the blood. For the ladies, when they give birth, normally they will mill those.

You can purchase all of the Flower H'mong products, including a water buaffalo on the back side of the market.

The Can Cau market is a highlight of any trip to Vietnam, certainly not to be mißed.

Ein Besuch des Sonntagsmarkts in Can Cau, einem der entlegensten Hill Tribe Märkte Vietnams, ist ein unvergessliches Erlebnis! Mehr Information finden Sie auf unserer Seite über Rundreisen in Vietnam.